Back Office Support


Back Office Support

Viewwald AG carrys years of experience in Back office support in general and in  book keeping & accounting in particular. Our clients enjoy the freedom of investing their energies on other aspects of business while relying on our capabilities for their backoffice support.

We are familiar with facts and figures. Our goal is to bring to your organization on the road to success – or to keep it there. You have the ideas, we are guaranteing you a solid base on which those ideas thrive first. Your financial security is our priority. We will succeed only with a partnership that focuses on continuity and trust.

Our accounting & trust packages

The Small Business Package

As an entrepreneur you want to know that all company accountings are done in a clear and careful way, without having to make a head, whether in the office everything is done to your complete satisfaction. You can collect your documents adn reciepts and deliver them monthly or weekly to us. These are recorded as soon as possible by us and at any time you are able to see and request your current debitors / vendors / positions / values.

With this package you know that everything was booked clean, all tax returns are filed and you can save yourself an accountant in your own infrastructure.

The following services are included in this package:

  • Accounting
  • Taxes (private as well as for the company)
  • Personnel Administration
  • Insurance (Business Insurance)
  • Sort documents & account assignment
  • Financial Statements
  • VAT registration / billing
  • Payroll
  • SUVA application

The Medium Business Package

When a company reaches a “medium size” the small business package is no longer adequate to handle and take account all accounting aspects and bookkeeping needs of your company . It is important to always have an overview. With this offer, we provide quotes on your behalf to your customers, write invoices, and always check the receipt of payment. Of course our service monitors payment deadlines, issues reminders in good time.

The following additional services are included in this package:

  • Issue payments
  • Provide invoices to customers
  • Create employment contracts
  • Write Inquiries to customer
  • Check payments
  • Reminders

The Enterprise Package

The accounting package for a full range advice and support from our team. We also provide you with the revision of your accounting, asset management through our partners and legal advice on matters relating to the company.

With the Enterprise Edition, you keep well in every aspect, if you want to fully concentrate on your business activities and would like to provide us with your entire office and administration work.

Additional services in the Enterprise package:

  • Issue payments
  • Provide invoices invoices and reminders to customers
  • Monitor customer payments
  • Create employment contracts
  • Create an issue statistics
  • Asset management
  • Perform company revisions
  • Check payments
  • Legal advice (investigations concerning the company)

Included in all packages

Financial accounting lead (total or partial), guiding the customer, vendor and payroll, perform payment transactions and reminders, training

Filling in tax returns, advice on tax planning, preparation of VAT invoicing

Personnel administration
Creating the payroll and wage statements, creation of social security accounts

Advice on insurance matters, review of the current demand

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Right after our first contact, Vierwald consulting supported us fully for creation of company in Zug and taxation, for creation of company in Zug and taxation.

– Rafl – CEO RafXSwiss


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Vierwald AG as a competent and cost-effective partner for the formation, domiciliation and management of companies in Switzerland and around the world. You benefit from our exellent contacts with authorities and banks and our wide network of partners.


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